Monday, January 4, 2016


Michongo Technologies is new Company in the industry of Information Technology. We introduce new Innovation and new technology in the market of Tanzania. Gaming is what we do, we work more with Games Console to Develop new way of using it. From PlayStation, Xbox  & PC and other consoles also Computers and software development. We do sales of different electronics equipment you can pay visit to our shop for updates



PS3 is the latest product from Sony, We can hack your ps3 console and let you play all games from Hard drive. Ps3 slim & fat can be hacked down and allow to copy games from Cd's and to play downloaded games too (note: its illegal to play downloaded games from you console). 
call for price and work arrangement.

NO more CDs for your Ps2, we do installation for PlayStation 2 and it can use flash disk to play all your games. All you need to have Ps2, Memory Card, Flash disk and we will make it work. Please for more information contact us and you will have all information.

FLASH DISK (wholesale)


2GB -9,000

4GB - 12,000
8GB - 15,000
16GB - 25,000


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